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Zagrun Digital (Marketing Agency)

  • Worked locally and remotely to design & build dozens of marketable websites for clients (WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Shopify, etc)
  • Lead multi-channel marketing campaigns – both organic and paid – for small, medium and large businesses.
  • Branded and rebranded most clients to set up proper marketing foundations.
  • Helped create professional product photography & brand videos to support marketing efforts
  • Constructed multiple online products (e-shops, registrations, boards, schedulers, etc) to assist in sales and branding growth.


Snow Commerce (Ecommerce Agency)

  • Managed all proprietary ecommerce digital integration products
  • In charge of branding and marketing initiatives for Snow Commerce as well as clients
  • Oversaw client ecommerce solutions/strategies – including e-com website, cart design, fulfillment, packaging, retargeting, etc)
  • Assisted in technical development and configuration of ecommerce platforms & integrations


Dotloop (E-Sign Software Company)

  • Configured the proprietary app/website for increased usability/UX and engagement.
  • Oversaw all product & marketing roadmaps & campaigns.
  • Managed all product update launches and follow-up marketing & messaging.
  • Lead efforts to open new markets for the software through strategic partnerships and business opportunities


Epsilon (Loyalty Marketing Agency)

  • In charge of all client’s website updates on a weekly basis.
  • Completed weekly email campaigns to hundreds of thousands of customers
  • Assisted with internal process and policy initiatives for technical areas.
  • Reported directly to VP of Client Services


Possible Worldwide (Marketing Agency)

  • Main job was to oversee the technical and business specs for every project.
  • Assisted with website updates for many Fortune 500 clients. (P&G, US Bank, Fidelity & Conagra Foods)
  • Aided with initial marketing brainstorm meetings for each client project

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Skill Sets

  • Product Management & Marketing
  • Web, Email, Social & Print Marketing
  • Web Design & Development
  • Corporate Branding & Identity
  • Promotional Merch & Swag Design
  • Print-On-Demand Process
  • Creative Graphic Design

  • UX/UI/Usability Strategy

  • New Market Development

  • Photography/Videography Production

  • Ecommerce Strategies

  • Web Analytics & KPIs

  • Copywriting, Blogging & Content

  • Prize Marketing

  • Paid Search & Social Ad Management

  • Search Engine Optimization


  • All marketing must be built on a solid branding foundation. You start with a consistent and professional brand, and every other aspect of your business should branch off of that. (website design, social engagement, customer service, fulfillment, product marketing, etc.)

  • Marketing is subjective and fluid. There are no clear-cut mathematical answers – it’s a creative & psychological science that changes regularly based on design trends, consumer behavior, economic variables, industry changes, target market demographics, technological advances, etc.

  • Paid vs Organic marketing is a conversation that must be had. Paid marketing produces fast results, but usually won’t sustain solid growth without funding.. An organic approach can be slower, but should build a more solid foundation . Both ways will work and usually a combination of the two is the best approach – but these expectations should be discussed.

  • Great marketing should be visceral. Delivering a more meaningful or emotional – less intellectual – message will create a deeper connection with your target audience. Marketing should answer the ‘why’ question for every consumer, not the ‘what’.

  • Don’t deviate from your core branding or marketing. No matter how large your company is or how many products/services you offer, you need a solid, consistent, and overarching message and position – stick to it or you may create distrust and confusion.

Expertise & Experience

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Education & Certifications

Associates Degree – Information Technology

ITT Technical Institute – 2007

Product Marketing Certification

Pragmatic Marketing Inc – 2011

Product Management Certification

Pragmatic Marketing Inc – 2011